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Holy Smokes!


Finally got another evening to go out and play with the new Canon 5DS. As soon as I crested the pass in the mountains I live in, I saw one of the most intense drift smoke clouds I’ve ever seen. A quick search on the smart phone revealed there was a large brush fire burning in Topock Marsh about 50 miles southwest of Kingman. Initially I was disappointed, as I don’t much care for photographing smoky scenes. Not wanting to give up a night of shooting with the new toy, I kept going. The closer I got to town, my drive began to resemble a scene from an apocalyptic movie. I immediately knew where I wanted to shoot from.



The image above was taken from a rock outcrop above historic downtown Kingman, Arizona. The smoke was so intense, one could easily look straight at the sun without squinting. In fact, if you look close, you can see the sun through the smoke near the center of the image. The reddish cast on everything just almost made the hair stand up on the back of your neck! Quite an erie feeling. Despite all this, my photographic mind was still ticking.



I’ve never taken a telephoto shot of nothing but the sun. Never had a reason to. But the way the sun looked today, and the extreme resolution this camera is capable of, I decided what the hell. The shot above was taken with a 400mm telephoto lens, then cropped in Lightroom to fill more of the frame. I was absolutly astonished when I zoomed in on the image on the camera and realized I’d captured a sunspot! There are two of them visible in this image in the lower quarter of the sun. What a great evening!

I’m working on a post with my first impressions of the Canon 5DS. I’ts coming along pretty slow since this is only the second time I’ve had the opportunity to shoot since I’ve had the camera. I’m off work (hopefully) for the next several days. Tomorrow is the next scheduled shoot. Hopefully more will follow in the coming days. stay tuned!

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