This will be the final installment of my Las Vegas shots. In my standard fashion, I’m going to pass along a little tip with the image. Photography is all about engaging your audience with your images. Just like any of the visual arts, you want to create something that is going to command their attention. One of the ways you can achieve this is through perspective.

We see the world in a pretty straight forward manner. Everything has its place. This perspective gives a sense of normalcy to our lives. When something is out of place, or has an unusual perspective, our sense of normalcy is lost, and our attention is drawn towards it. When you understand this concept, you can apply it to your images. Try to find normal everyday subjects, and photograph them from a perspective that we’re not used to seeing. The difference in perspective will draw your viewers attention, and keep them engaged with your image.

This is exactly what I did for this image of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada. We’re used to seeing buildings and structures from a straight on perspective. Very rarely do we stop and look up. By photographing this structure from almost directly underneath, it gave a whole new dimension to the image than we a used to seeing. The Eiffel tower fades off into the night sky in a vanishing point perspective, leading your eyes into the image. It draws your attention, and keeps you engaged. This image is by no means reinventing the photographic wheel, but it illustrates the concept quite well.

The next time you’re out in the field, try to get yourself to see the world from a different perspective, and translate that vision into your images. You don’t have to use this technique with all of your images, but it’s one more tool you have in your photographic tool box, that you can use when you’re struggling to find a composition. If you liked this post and would like to be notified when I post again, be sure to sign up for my email list. The sign up box is on the right side of this page, near the top.

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Jason Keefe is a landscape and nature photographer residing in the mountains of northwest Arizona. His passion for photography is driven by an undying love for the great outdoors. Jason has twenty plus years experience in landscape photography, and has taught digital photography and Photoshop for his local community college. Starting in early 2014, Jason will be offering Photography Workshops focusing on teaching people how to maximize the potential of their digital cameras in the great outdoors.

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