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I haven’t been on any of my social connections, or here lately, as I have been buried in my computer rebuilding my website and blog. I’m glad to report, my website overhaul is now complete. You can now access my website and blog from the same site! In fact, if you are reading this now, your probably here. Feel free to take a look around, as the look and feel have completely changed. I did all of this in preparation for some exciting expansions in my business, and I needed a site that I had complete control over. This required switching hosting services, transferring URL’s, and a whole lot of other things I’m sure you’re not interested in. It’s been a grueling process, but it’s finally complete.

Also, I’ve recently started writing a series of essays that I will be sharing here called “The Art Of Landscape Photography: A Beginners Guide”. The series will consist of nine essays focusing on teaching the beginner digital SLR user how to maximize the potential of their digital cameras, and take their Landscape photography to the next level. I’ll be posting the first essay titled “Inspiration” in the next couple of days. Once the series is complete, I’ll be compiling all of the essays into a free downloadable ebook which will be made available to you on my website.

Until my next update, enjoy the new website. Feel free to start up a conversation in the comments section below.

Gotta get to the Superbowl now! Go Denver!


About Jason Keefe

Jason Keefe is a landscape and nature photographer residing in the mountains of northwest Arizona. His passion for photography is driven by an undying love for the great outdoors. Jason has twenty plus years experience in landscape photography, and has taught digital photography and Photoshop for his local community college. Starting in early 2014, Jason will be offering Photography Workshops focusing on teaching people how to maximize the potential of their digital cameras in the great outdoors.

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