Doing What It Takes


So, what does it take to get amazing landscape images? Passion, vision, and a willingness to do what it takes to get the shot. To see what I mean by this, let me tell you the story behind this shot.

I’ve been photographing an area just to the west of my home town of Kingman Arizona quite extensively for the last several weeks. Over this period of time I have become very familiar with the lay of the land, how the light falls on it, and more importantly, where to shoot from. I have accumulated several compositions in my mind that I want to get when the conditions are right. On Monday of this week, I was at work nearing the end of my shift when I noticed a large break in the clouds on the western horizon. I knew it was going to be an awesome sunset, and this composition immediately popped in my mind. The cards were stacked against me though. My shift ended at 6:00pm, and sunset was at 6:14pm. Not much time to cover the 10 plus miles to get there, assemble my gear, and hike several hundred yards to get to this spot.

At 5:58pm I left work. I took every back road I could to shorten the distance I had to cover, driving in a manner I probably shouldn’t have. By the time I arrived at my parking area, the show had already begun. I grabbed my camera, not caring what lens I had on it, mounted it on my tripod, and took off at a dead run up the mountain to my spot. Huffing and puffing like I had just finished running the Boston Marathon, I set up, composed, and took the shot. The light began to fade immediately thereafter. Somehow, some way, I had accomplished the impossible.

That’s passion, vision, and a willingness to do what it takes to get the shot. This image ranks among my favorites that I have ever taken.

About Jason Keefe

Jason Keefe is a landscape and nature photographer residing in the mountains of northwest Arizona. His passion for photography is driven by an undying love for the great outdoors. Jason has twenty plus years experience in landscape photography, and has taught digital photography and Photoshop for his local community college. Starting in early 2014, Jason will be offering Photography Workshops focusing on teaching people how to maximize the potential of their digital cameras in the great outdoors.

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