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Backyard Photography


Canon 5D MKII, Tamron SP Di 180mm Macro, 1/10 sec. at f/11, ISO 400

Got Flowers? Got sprinklers? You’ve got a studio with a rainstorm everyday. Get out there and use it! It’s easy to get stagnate with your photography, waiting for that next big trip you’re going on. Why wait? There is plenty of great subjects to photograph right in your own backyard.

This shot is of one of our Geraniums in my backyard. I took the shot right after I watered the garden. Water droplets always add a nice touch to flowers. If you missed the sprinklers, not to worry. Take a spray bottle with water in it and lightly mist the flowers. Wait a few minutes and nice water droplets will start to form.

I can hear the comments already. That’s cheating! Is it really? I say no. It’s practicing. It’s refining your skills. It’s creativity. It’s art! Studio photographers around the world are doing the same thing every day. There is nothing wrong with being creative. It hones your skills, and keeps you ready for when you find a similar image in a less controlled environment.

So get out there and start taking advantage of your own backyard studio!

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